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My HR Game Changer Action Plan

It’s been almost 2 months since the HR Game Changer, and while I have been incredibly slack in not putting my HR Game Changer Action plan together – I have been thinking a lot about it! There are a number of things I realise that I want to do differently from the conference. So here they are:

  1. Continue my own professional development

I’ve been to many HR events over the last few years but realised that I didn’t get any learning myself from most of them. At the HR Game Changer I found my thinking challenged. While I regularly read blogs and articles that make me think differently or reconsider an issue – I hadn’t got that from traditional events. I think the big difference was our speakers and the fact that we were all like minded people who want to transform HR. So my first action is to create and attend more events that I get learning from, with the right people attending.

  1. Have different conversations with CEO’s & managers

One of the key areas that came out of the HRGC was that HR need to help create rock star CEO’s.

Sometimes this can be simple stuff. A few years ago when I started in a finance company the CEO felt that no-one knew who he was. I suggested a weekly newsletter where he could update people. He was worried that there wouldn’t be enough to say. I promised that I would give him content.

THERE WAS NEVER NOT ENOUGH TO SAY!! And feedback from employees was that they loved knowing what the CEO was doing and what was happening.

I realised that I haven’t been having enough challenging conversations with CEO’s so I’m going to talk to SME owners about what their business goals are and how I can help them grow their profits through their people. But make it really clear it’s not accounting that makes their business sucessful, it’s the people stuff. It’s a similar conversation but I realise I need to frame it differently so they see the people are the business.

  1. Reinvent and experiment with HR process

Most of the SME businesses that we work with at Elephant just want traditional HR support. But for larger clients I need to make sure I talk to them about how they are building leaders and structuring their management roles to see if there is room to experiment there.

I’ve realised that we’ve also got a great test company at Elephant. While there are only 14 of us, we have an opportunity to create and experiment with some HR processes of the future. So that’s my final action and one which excites me to see what results we get.

In summary

So there they are. My four HR Game Changer goals:

  1. Continue my professional development
  2. Challenge CEO’s about people not accounting being their business advantage
  3. Talk to our larger clients about experimenting with their leadership & management structure and development
  4. Try and reinvent HR processes and try them out at Elephant to see how they work.

Looking over them, they seem nice and simple. But actually I know they’ll involve a whole heap of work. However I think they are going to be part of changing the game, and that’s what this is all about. I’ll keep you updated on how I go.

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