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Fuelling the game change in Tauranga!

Last week we took the HR Game Changer Roadshow down to Tauranga and had a fantastic session. Jason Marra from Fuel Agency talked about HR the brand and had some really interesting insights into how we should be thinking differently including:

  • When sales people are with clients, the represent the company. When they are back in their team, they represent their clients. We discussed that we’re there for employees, not just managers and Jason likened this to the example above. When HR are talking with employees, we represent the company but when we’re with managers or the exec team, we represent employees. A recent study said that 88% of employees aren’t sure whether to trust HR – perhaps because HR is not speaking up for them. And if HR ensures employees are represented and treated fairly – it will make the company a better place.
  • Jason also talked about a brand develops – it’s a story that becomes reality. We discussed what we wanted HR’s brand to be – and that we have to start going out there and role modelling this (and it doesn’t have to include wearing a Wonderwoman outfit!!)

We then talked through the 3 inside out areas of the conference: candidate stickiness, the learning revolution and culture and change. The Tauranga team then discussed and brainstormed what ideas this had sparked and came up with the following. The Learning group came up with the most ideas however it’s not always about quantity – but quality too! (it may have been different if we’d gamified it and made it a competition!).

  • Candidate stickiness – we spend a lot of time and money on recruitment, but then don’t spend the same time with the person once they are on board to retain them. Why aren’t we allocating time and development to new people over their first 12 months? And if development is one of the key ways to retain people, we should be experimenting with different ways to provide career paths and attract people to our company!
  • Cullture & Change – change is constant so we need to introduce more agile ways of working into our businesses. Change can’t be owned by HR. We must start celebrating when change occurs and has a positive impact. For example – if a team have started using the new system and have saved time or caught up on a backlog – can we share that story in our newsletter, at a CEO briefing or team meetings?
  • Learning Revolution – lots of ideas from this team including:
    • Use your own staff – they are a huge source of knowledge and ideas.
    • Build games into your HR processes or training – think about what you could do differently and how.
    • Why not try walking training rather than just meetings? If walking is great for opening up then why not use it for training on problem solving?
    • Invest in development. It makes people feel valued and builds skills. What can you provide that’s ongoing?
    • Change the environment. A bland workplace doesn’t inspire learning.
    • Try a ‘hack’ – with a focus on solutions.
    • Find some free webinars and invite managers or employees to attend.
    • Flip the training, like open source meetings. Ask learners to do the preparation and discuss what they want to learn.
    • Go and explore what apps are available and try some out!

In terms of the themes that came from the conference: create rock star CEO’s, build true leaders, use managers as your delivery arm and experiment with your HR processes – I think the Tauranga HRGC group came up with some new ideas to add to the mix.

The hard part of course is trying these out – and then rather than celebrating when you’ve had a go, celebrating when you’ve created change!!

On that note, if you have tried something new and innovative with your HR or people processes – why not enter the HR Game Changer Awards this year? And if you’d like to hear more ideas and learn about some fantastic tools to reinvent HR and deliver more in your business, make sure you register for the HRGC conference in either Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne or London.

Thank you to Jason from Fuel Agency for fuelling our interest in using branding and marketing principles too!

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