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Let’s get it Tron

The very last HR Game Changer roadshow was in Hamilton last week (for those outside NZ, we often call Hamilton ‘The Tron’ hence my terrible pun in the title). A small crowd gathered to hear about what came out of the conference and then we held an ideas jam to see what suggestions the Waikato would add. Here’s what we came up with:

Candidate Stickiness

  • Use existing employees to create advertising campaigns – whether it’s a infographic style, video or competition. Ask employees for their ideas and then get them to be part of the campaign! Surely this would also create more buy in from the whole business to find the right people if they have helped develop the employment brand and sourcing?
  • Build a pool of candidates who weren’t right for one job and keep in touch with them. This isn’t just about telling them when there is another job, but actually create a newsletter or Facebook group and posting information about what the company is doing so they stay engaged with what you’re doing.
  • Tapping into marketing principles when recruiting – finding different ways to make adverts stand out. Experiment using video’s, graphics or even colours.

Learning Revolution

I shared the story of Dyson, who get new employees to go and make a vacuum cleaner on their first day, and also the company who puts every new employee (from the CEO, senior leaders to entry level roles) onto the phones for a week to experience what the customers are asking or raising. In the ideas jam, we had someone from a DHB and their idea was that other areas of the hospital don’t realise how the Emergency Department impacts on them – however if everyone had to spend some time in the ED, they could then see and discuss the flow on effects of the decisions they make in their wards to the ED. The focus would be for people to see the hospital as a ‘whole’ rather than just your own department.

I think this is a really interesting idea – which if we are going to become more collaborative in our businesses, then helping employees actually experience and see how what they does links to other teams or departments – is going to be a key part of your capability and culture plan!

Culture & Change

While the idea above could sit in culture, here’s what the team discussing this topic came up with:

  • Step back and review the lines of accountability and responsibility. Are there clear lines that everyone understands? Are leaders actually leading?
  • It really is time to rethink and reinvent performance reviews. HR needs to drive a change so that businesses start investing in developing people as coaches and leaders – and stop promoting technical experts!! How we then discuss and review performance has to change as it’s not motivating and doesn’t increase productivity.

And so that’s it! The roadshow is over. However I am going to include all the ideas generated in the book I’ve been writing from the conference ‘The HR Game Changer’. There is no right answer to how we transform what we do and how we transform our workplaces to being productive, awesome places to be. We need to share ideas, discuss and try things out.

I want to thank all the areas I visited for coming along, being part of it and starting your own HR Game Changer communities all over New Zealand.

And if you’re keen to be part of it this year, check out the HR Game Changer conferences in Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and London. Here’s to changing the game!

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