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The HRGC Book List

Several of our presenters this year have written amazing books. If you want some inspirational pre-conference reading, then check out these!


Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to take Action

Simon Sinek

 If there’s one thing HR has to know how to do, it’s to inspire managers to take action. Simon will be talking at the conference on what the biggest challenge to making this happen is, but you may want to also read the book to find out what he discovered. For more or to buy a copy click here.


Heart to Start

Derek Handley

This is the true story of how young entrepreneur Derek Handley conceived big ideas in New Zealand and launched them to the world, through a series of electric highs and crushing lows, before discovering what he was really put here to do.

For a paperback copy click here or to buy the e-book click here.


Every Bastard Says No

Justine Troy

The story of how 42 Below took over the world!

“This book will bamboozle those who look for neat classifications. Is it a business book? A biography? Or a beverage bible? I don’t know – and it doesn’t matter. It works. It’s brilliant! Like 42 Below.’ Mark Weldon, CEO New Zealand Stock Exchange

For more click here.

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