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Reinventing Culture

We spend a third of our lives at work. More and more, employees are looking to work somewhere with a great culture and this is becoming MORE important than it … Continue reading

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How sticky are you?

In the world of IT, sticky computer systems are the ones that are hard to extract yourself from. If you’ve entered a whole lot of real data during your trial … Continue reading

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Reinventing Learning and Development

For thousands of years learning didn’t change much. A teacher who had all the knowledge, would stand and lecture and impart what they knew to their students or write a … Continue reading

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HR hasn’t died but it needs to evolve

In evolution there are often leaps that significantly change life. Take the tiktaaliik for instance. About 375 million years, this fish like lizard wasn’t satisfied with swimming in swamps anymore … Continue reading

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Redefining HR’s vision

I loved Lego when I was kid. We had an enormous box of it and played with it for hours. Now I’m looking forward to playing with it again with … Continue reading

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Have we been measuring engagement levels of COMPLETELY the wrong thing?

Ever since I got my first HR role 17 years ago, I saw the issues around how we measure the return on investment of the HR team for the company. … Continue reading

May 27, 2014 · Leave a comment

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