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The HR Game Changer book – are you in it?

Some of you will know that after the HR Game Changer conference last year I announced that I would write a book.

I wanted to make sure that we captured what was discussed, and set a road map for what the future of HR should be. Not written by academics, but by the HR profession, for the HR profession.

I wanted to include the learning’s shared by the HRGC presenters, but also what came out of the think tanks and idea jams. To capture the contribution of everyone who came to the HRGC in 2014!

Some of you will also know this year has been a little turbulent for me and in September, I’ll be stepping away from HR and from Elephant for good. However I would still like to finish writing the HR Game Changer book. I believe we are at a tipping point and that HR is truly shucking off its personnel shackles this time and is about to take flight. I’m not personally going to be leading the charge anymore, but I know there are lots of you who will lead HR forward.

The HR Game Changer community are the most inspiring HR people I’ve met. They are writing amazing blogs and articles about reinventing HR, they are having on line discussions and sharing information, and Amanda Sterling who spoke at the HRGC last year has now even written a book (I had suggested to her that she put together all the #nzlead discussions over the last couple of years – but instead she went and wrote a complete book!! It’s called The Humane Workplace – go and check it out).

The game will change. HR will be something new. But it’s going to take time.

So, I’ve decided that I will delay finishing the HR Game Changer book.

At the HRGC this year we have some amazing business speakers including Simon Sinek, Derek Handley, Melissa Clark-Reynolds, Metiria Turei and Justine Troy but we’re also going to hear from international HR Game Changers like Kellie Egan from Atlassian, Perry Timms (representing the UK) and Ben Eubanks (representing the USA). We’ve got some fabulous NZ and Aussie HR success stories and award finalists and also will be experimenting with Design Thinking and Agile HR.

I want to capture all of that too – so as my exit from HR, I will be finishing the HR Game Changer book and including the Melbourne and Wellington conferences this year.

Long story short – if you came to the HRGC 2014, or are registered to be at the HRGC 2015 – your ideas and contribution to where HR goes next will be part of the HR Game Changer book.

If you haven’t registered yet – there’s still time. Click here.

On a completely different note, if you want to watch the short film I made about the History of HR and where the HR Game Changer fits in just click here.


As for me, I better get writing!!

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